Capsol-T Inflammation Fire Fighter

Inflammation Fire Fighter

Out Of Control Inflammation Puts Your Health & Life At Risk

Inflammation starts as a first step to healing. Inflammation is vital to our health.

It’s a “Go Button” that launches a healing response. So a little inflammation for a little while is good.

If we don’t heal fast enough, however, inflammation can create more inflammation. And that’s not good.

Think of having a fire in your fireplace to heat your room. Now imagine what happens if the fire grows and grows.

Your house – or parts of it – burn down.

Inflammation is a part of the auto-immune diseases that burn our bodies down.

There are over 100 recognized auto-immune diseases with names like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and multiple sclerosis to things you’ve probably never heard of like glomerulonephritis, pemphigus, or polyarteritis nodosa.

Rampant inflammation nurtures everything we might worry about, like the biggies: cancer, heart disease, and medical doctors. (The healthier we are the less we need mainstream medical with their outrageous monopoly pricing and side-effects.) 

Health means getting control of inflammation and keeping it low.

Introducing Capsol-T 

Natural Healing Anti-Inflammatory

Natural Healing – Anti-Inflammatory

Capsol-T was created as a faster and easier delivery system for anti-inflammatory and other historically documented benefits of green tea & capsicum (from chili peppers.)

Green tea – Our green tea in Capsol-T is decaffeinated. It won’t keep you awake at night. That’s important; because those in serious need might be receiving 96 cups of green tea per day in 6 convenient capsules. That would be a lot of caffeine.

Chili Peppers – Some people like hot and spicy foods. Some don’t. Capsol-t is not hot. It’s cool.

Capsol-t product delivers 2 healthy products in a convenient form without high levels of caffeine and hot.

This formulation was designed with the benefits and without the burning and heat associated with many chili pepper extractions.

Capsol-T combines the health benefits of Green Tea with the health benefits of  Capsicum to create a convenient way to get the benefits of drinking 96 cups of green tea per day and eating a basket of hot chili peppers. Each capsule is the equivalent of 96 cups of tea with hot chili peppers. 

The recommended amount for periodic system support is 6 capsules per day, one capsule every four hours.

The discoverer of Capsol-T says its’ OK to swallow 2 capsules before bed instead of getting up in the middle of the night to stick to a strict schedule. After all, sleep is important too.

Now let’s compare price and convenience of Capsol-t to buying, preparing, and drinking 96 cups of green tea per day.

I checked Amazon for a high-quality green tea powder pricing.

Why powder?

When you want to maximize the benefits of green tea, you want to consume the entire leaf… There is a lot of health benefit in the teabag part almost everyone throws away.

Amazon offered: Organic Instant Green Tea Crystals, Unsweetened, 14 Servings at $7.59 plus taxes and s&h. (S&H is free if you pay $97 annually to be an Amazon Prime Member) 

That’s $52.05 per day before taxes.

Then you have to make and drink 96 cups per day. How much time do you think it would take you to make 96 cups of tea per day? Maybe you could make your tea in batches?

Does the quality and selection of green tea make a difference? Yes, it does.

Different teas have different benefits. Different harvest times are better than others. Different parts of the leaf and plant have different benefits.

One small difference in our selection of teas is the $100,000,000+ research project that spawned these little capsules and the careful and tested selection of teas, parts of the plant, harvest times, toxin testing for pesticides, and preparation procedures that go into each Bottle of Capsol-t.

Capsol-t was a bit of an accident, as many great discoveries are. It wasn’t what they were trying to do. The research was seeking better methods of testing for abnormal cell growth. And the project succeeded.

A side benefit of that 20 plus years research was the discovery of how to use a select variety of teas to help slow or halt the growth of 26 types and/or locations of abnormal cell growth.

Plus they created a product that provided the historic benefits of green tea to all of those people seeking to maximize the benefits of the tea they drink…

And you can add the benefits of Capsol-t to your coffee too. You get 180 capsules at only 83¢ each or $149.95 per bottle.

Capsol-T - Get The Health Benefits Of Green Tea & Capsaicin

Capsol-T – Get The Health Benefits Of 16 Cups Green Tea & Capsicum In 1 Convenient Capsule

Capsol-T is where science and research come together to provide a selection of green tea harvested at the right time with the right strains and extracted and presented to you in the right forms to make a big difference over shopping for this amazing tea selection on your own.

Drink the tea or coffee of your choice and just swallow 1 Capsol-t capsule on the side. (I also open the capsules and add them to my tea before steeping and then I blend it too. Since the Capsule is Tea; I also open the capsule and make tea from the contents of the capsule. Remember 1 capsule provides the benefit of 16 cups of green tea.)

The Health Tipping Point is 4 to 5 Cups of Green Tea Per Day (1 Capsol-t® equals 16 Superior Cups of Green Tea)

Drinking four cups of green tea a day is beneficial but ten cups or more of green tea daily is required for measurable benefit.  One Capsol-t® capsule gets you 16 cups of green tea health benefits.

I like drinking tea. However, I like the convenience, speed, and portability of capsules. Capsules allow me to choose how and when I want my green tea health benefits while I’m on the run or away from home.

Plus which do you prefer; drink 16 to 96 cups of tea and eat a basket of chili peppers each day or take 1 to 6 capsules of Capsol-T? 

The capsules are comfortably sized for humans. Plus I sometimes open the capsules and add them to my tea. For those who don’t like swallowing pills and capsules, it tastes good so drink it instead.

It makes a strong tea. I like strong tea. I steep my tea for 10 minutes to get it as strong as possible. Play with it to see how you like it…  Or just swallow the capsule…

I have tried opening and adding a capsule of Capsol-T to my coffee. That’s not bad but I prefer my coffee without it. So, I just swallow the capsule with my coffee.

Control Inflammation. Don’t Let It Put Your Health & Life At Risk. Help your body contain and control the levels of inflammation in your body.

Control Inflammation To Protect Your Health & Healing Abilities

Control Inflammation To Protect Your Health & Healing Abilities

Add the benefits of Capsol-t to your coffee too. You get 180 capsules at only 83¢ each or $149.95 per bottle.

Capsol-T - Get The Health Benefits Of Green Tea & Capsaicin

Capsol-T – Get The Health Benefits Of Green Tea & Capsicum In 1 Capsule

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