You are unique.

Neither I, nor any of our contributors and sources on DrBenMD.com, or referenced here are writing for you personally. That’s impossible on a site designed to share and educate as many people about their health choices and responsibilities as possible.

We don’t know who our reader is.

We don’t know the reader’s individual medical history, age, sex, height, weight, medications, stress levels, or anything else.

You are looking for helpful information. 

This is a starting point.

No statements, products, or services on DrBenMD.com or any linked videos, audios, pdf’s, or other methods of communication have been approved, reviewed, or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Any information we provide is NOT all you need to know or consider.

DrBenNaturals.com is a source of information to help you get started as you investigate and share what you learn with your care providers.

Work with your health care provider. Share what you learn that does not appear to be included in your health or healing regimen.

Remember there is good reason to get a “second opinion” if the first opinion appears to be headed in the wrong direction or even if it sounds perfect.

When your health care provider tells you, they don’t know what to do…

Take them at their word for it. Start looking for sources that know what to do and/or are seeking solutions that work in ways you find sensible.

There are doctor’s who are involved and incredibly busy with their patients using what they know.

There are doctors who are looking to expand what we know for everyone.

One Doctor cannot be all things to all people or know everything about anything.

A Doctor will normally tell you they don’t what to do by saying; “There is nothing that can be done.”

That’s not accurate. They are telling you, that they know of nothing that can be done to restore meaningful health.

Medical knowledge is increasing at an incredible pace. No one is so all knowing that they can tell you everything that has been discovered within the last 10 years that might affect your health and healing. 

Computers help. A quick search for the word “cancer” returns 681,000,000 results.

Computers don’t change the fact that no doctor or team of doctors can know everything there is to know that might be helpful to you.

I know a doctor who researches and reads papers published in Russian that are not available in English.

I know another doctor who researches and reads papers published in Chinese that are not available in English.

I’m sure there are doctors who research and read papers published in Japanese and every other language in the world. 

There is a wealth of valuable information that is not available in English or on the internet. There are even books.

I am positive that no one reads all of the research available in just 1 language much less the research available in all languages.

Health and healing are never separate. You and your health are always in flux. Your health is always changing.

Health is based on our choices and our mind and body’s abilities to heal the imbalances created by a world filled with toxins and other stress creators.

Information about discoveries can take anywhere from 10 to 100 years to become generally known. And information on health and healing is doubling at faster and faster rates thanks to the internet.

You are always a major part of your health and healing…

You cannot place responsibility for your life in someone else’s hands.

You can partner or team up with great resources who can help you; but, you have the final decision. (Unless your health freedom has been taken from you and given to lobbyists, politicians, lawyers, bureaucrats, and medical monopolies.)

“You” must remain an active participant in your health and healing; because your mind and spirit are intimately involved in your health and healing. 

No one affiliated with this site is responsible for your decisions about what you do or don’t do in any way for any reason.

If you are on this site, you agree that you are responsible for your life or leave now. 

You agree that no one affiliated with or who contributed to this site is responsible for what you do or don’t do with the information provided or resources suggested.

We are sharing with you not only what we have been exploring and feel has value… We share with you what we investigating and learning about.

Therefore by your use of this site, you agree to complete, total, and individual responsibility or leave now and do not include anything you have read in your decision-making process.

We wish you a long, healthy, and blessed life.

Dr. Ben, Staff, Contributors & Resource Providers

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