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Do You Know How This Little-Known, All-Natural, Accidental $100,000,000.00+ Discovery Boosts the Health and Healing Benefits of Green Tea Powder another 16 Times?…

And even works for Coffee Lovers, Black Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, and More…

Make Your Matcha Green Tea Powder, Whatever Tea You Normally Drink, or Your Coffee Into the Healthiest Cup on the Planet! –   Flickr Foto:

Why Our Green Tea Is Better Than Any Green Tea That You Can Find!

This Green Tea story starts in the college days of Dr. Morré of the husband-wife team Dr. D. James Morré, Ph.D. and Dr. Dorothy M. Morré, Ph.D. who discovered then spearheaded the development of the ONCOblot® Test. The ONCOblot® is a patient-friendly Laboratory Test for early detection of cancer.

As a student, James Morré was assigned the task of spraying weeds with a weed killer that caused the weeds to grow so fast, they killed themselves. He read an article by a doctor saying that if someone could understand how this process of rioting self-destruction by cellular growth worked, they could understand cancer.

And that started Dr. Morré on his path to understand the out of control cell growth called cancer and do something about it…

How many of you have heard that; “The best odds to defeat cancer come from early detection and treatment.”

Dr. Morré’s path led him to the best teachers and learning environments he could find to help him understand cancer. He eventually raised over $100,000,000 for research and development for early detection of cancer.

The ONCOblot® Test verifies the presence of 26 types of cancer and their location 4 to 10 years earlier than mainstream medical testing.

In the categories where the test succeeds, ONCOblot®  reveals if and where cancer cells are growing in someone’s body so that early countermeasures can be selected. It can also document the success of the countermeasures without further painful diagnostic investigations.

It can also document the success of the countermeasures without further painful diagnostic investigations.

Their research into cellular health led them to an unplanned creation of Capsol-T® Green Tea…

Capsol-t® was a case of serendipity that benefits you and me! The Greatest Green Tea on the Planet was a Surprise Benefit.

(Google Search Definition – serendipity  “The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”)

The research team substantiated the historical and well-known benefits of drinking green tea.

See Dr. Ramsey’s You Tube Video for more on Green Tea Health Benefits after this one.

Watch Dr. Morré on the Development of the ONCOblot® Test. He shares how this US Patented Test helps find and monitor the progress or healing of cancer without the normal pain and false positives and false negatives of mainstream testing.

Dr. Morre’s $100 Million, 20 year research project lead to an unexpected benefit… They created one of the best green tea powders in the world.


Abnormal cell growth happens to us every day of our lives… Normally, it’s no big deal…

Our immune systems handle abnormal cell growth with hundreds of other tasks easily.

The ONCOblot® test was developed to let us know when our immune systems were overwhelmed so that we could help it; because early detection and response lead to the best chances of success.

And that’s where our Capsol-t® 16x Tea Booster comes into the story…

A $100 Million Dollar Plus Cancer Testing Research Project led to the discovery of a super potentiated blend of green tea and capsicum recipe that boosts the well-known health benefits of an enjoyable green tea habit. People around the globe have already discovered they get more health benefits from green tea when they don’t throw most of the tea away that’s still in the tea bag.

People are searching for the best Green Tea Powder around the globe; because they have already discovered they get more health benefits from green tea when they don’t throw most of the tea away that’s still in the tea bag.

When you make your tea with powder – instead of tea bags or filtered through tea leaves – you’re benefitting from the whole tea instead of discarding tea leaves and tea benefits.

Tasty Tea Powder – Matcha Green Tea

That’s why so many people are searching for tasty tea powder like Matcha Green Tea; because it’s available as a powder. They want to consume all of the tea possible to maximize the health benefits.

It’s time to stop ignoring the tea left in our tea bags or filtered out and thrown away… No More!

Our search for better health with easy choices has a new tool. Tea!

This is a great way to boost the benefits of our daily cups of green tea… We can boost the health benefits of a cup of green tea 16x or more…

Let Dr. Theresa Ramsey, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, tell you about our wonderful world with Tea…

One capsule of Capsol-t® contains the equivalent of 16 cups of green tea…

But Not just any Green Tea and Not just any Capsicum… Capsol-t® is selected based on the research from the Morre’s 20 plus years, $100 Million Dollar Project seeking to identify cancer early on and effectively.

  • The tea(s) are harvested at the most effective times…
  • The teas are analyzed to make certain that they are superior quality with no contaminants…
  • The company tests the teas and will Not accept inferior, contaminated, pesticide residue containing, or in any way less than superior green tea for Capsol-t®… 

Adjust the tea taste to your liking by making it stronger, weaker, adding healthy ingredients, or just swallowing the capsule… We make it easy.

I like strong tea. I open 1 capsule of Capsol-t® into my tea mug. I drop a teabag of Organic Yerba Mate Green Tea, followed by not quite boiling water, and let it steep for 10 minutes. I also just open the capsule, make tea, and drink it that way.

You can add Capsol-t® to Matcha Green Tea Powder, Earl Grey Tea, or whatever tea you prefer. You get all the health benefits in whatever you are drinking and you get another 16 cups of a scientifically designed formula of highest quality, uncontaminated tea.

Most of the articles you’ll find recommend 4 or 5 cups or more per day to make certain you’re getting the health benefits of green tea.

So I get 1 cup of Organic Yerba Mate Green Tea plus a list of health benefits of another 16 cups of scientifically selected and analyzed cups of green tea.

That’s 16 cups of green tea in one cup…

I can even open a capsule of Capsol-t® and just add not-quite-boiling water to make Capsol-t® Tea…

Try it for yourself. Let it steep according to taste. Add any healthy ingredient. Enjoy. 

Do not add table sugar or artificial sweeteners. Test stevia, xylitol (Xylitol is good for people and bad for pets. Be sure to keep Xylitol protected from pets.), coconut sugar, or unsweetened.

You always have healthy choices. So, toss old bad habits as you develop this new good habit.

Add lemon, coconut oil, or whatever you regularly add to your tea that is healthy. If you usually add unhealthy junk to your tea, it’s time to find better choices.

Some days I’m in a hurry. I just swallow one Capsol-t® Green Tea capsule when I want. I don’t have to open the capsules and make tea.

(Clean water makes healthier tea. It’s even better for swallowing capsules and drinking. Tap water contributes to drug company profits by making you sick and sending you to a doctor for drugs. Most tap water now includes drugs all mixed together that were flushed down the commode. No one on this planet has any idea what that drug cocktail might do to us.)

Capsol-t® Green Tea is decaffeinated; because the people in the research study who were taking Capsol-t® for abnormal cell growth took 6 capsules per day, one every four hours.

That’s the equivalent of 96 cups of tea per day. That would be a lot of caffeine for people who find too much caffeine interferes with their sleep or jangles their nerves.

That’s why Capsol-t® is decaffeinated.

Capsol-t® helps your body reduce the fires of inflammation. And that creates all kinds of benefits. The long list of health benefits from your own personal daily tea ceremony is one good reason people are searching for the healthiest teas.

In our toxic world, every now and again, our natural healing systems can use some help. 

Next is the practical issue of how much time and money you save with Capsol-t® Green Tea Capsules instead of buying, making, and drinking 16 to 96 cups of tea per day.

I bought a large size Organic Yerba Mate Green Tea Bags from Amazon. The price was 19¢ per tea bag. It doesn’t provide the benefits of green tea selectively harvested, tested for effectiveness, and tested to be certain it’s not contaminated.

We do a cost comparison to Matcha Green Powdered Tea Below. These examples are just to provide you a big picture. Details will vary.

But we’re just talking about price here. The Organic Yerba Mate Green Tea Bags is good. You have more health benefits available for less.

You would need a minimum of 16 cups of Organic Yerba Mate Green Tea Bags. That would cost $3.04 per day to be the equivalent of 1 capsule of Capsol-t® or $92.47 per month. 

For those dealing with abnormal cell growth who are taking the equivalent of 96 cups per day as 6 capsules, would spend $18.24 per day, or $547.20 per month.

Capsol-t® Green Tea Capsules is only 83¢ per capsule. One per day is $25 per month. Six capsules per day are $150 per month.


The Health Tipping Point is 4 to 5 Cups of Green Tea Per Day (1 Capsol-t® equals 16 Superior Cups of Green Tea)

Drinking four cups of green tea a day is beneficial but ten cups or more of green tea daily is required for measurable benefit. One capsule gets you 16 cups of green tea health benefits.

I like drinking tea. However, I like the convenience, speed, and portability of capsules. Capsules allow me to choose how and when I want my green tea health benefits while I’m on the run or away from home.

There are some great teas out there. You can get your cost really low per cup if you buy it by the barrel.

But you won’t have $100 million plus dollars of research over 20 years that used laboratory research to create a truly remarkable Green Tea. 

Capsol-t® does… 

For Health Benefits, Capsol-t® Green Tea Is the Best Tea in the World…

In order to help you get started and let you taste Get Great Green Tea Health Benefits, we are offering you 3 payments of $49.95 for one bottle of 180Capsol-t® Green Tea Capsules. If you add one capsule (an equivalent of 16 cups) per day one bottle will last you 6 months.

Coffee Lovers, just swallow one capsule of Capsol-t® with your coffee.

I like coffee and I like to experiment. I thought of all the things you see people putting in their coffee at Starbucks.

I added a capsule of Capsol-t® to my coffee. I think it’s a good taste occasionally; but, I prefer my coffee and my Capsol-t® in separate cups.

I generally drink my coffee in the morning and swallow a Capsol-t® Green Tea Capsule. Then I drink Capsol-t® Green Tea combinations in the afternoons. 


  • Test adding a Capsol-t® Green Tea Capsule to your coffee… (Hot water will dissolve the capsule eventually. It’s easier for me to open the capsule.)
  • Start a tea routine to compliment your coffee routine (coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon and/or evening)…
  • Or just swallow a capsule at your convenience…
  • If you’re taking more than one capsule, you’ll get the most benefit by taking them 4 or more hours apart.

But Wait There’s More…

If we can get the benefits of 16 cups of optimized green tea to our coffee…

We can add the benefits of 16 cups of optimized green tea to black tea, white tea, or any other tea… Or anytime we want by swallowing a capsule…

There’s a lot of convenience in a capsule.

Think of having a fire in your fireplace to heat your room. Now imagine what happens if the fire grows and grows and grows…

Your home – or parts of it – burn down.

We can support our bodies by supporting our immune systems so that they can contain and handle Abnormal Cell Growth Naturally like it does every day; but, not quite perfectly.

Natural Healing

What do we call Natural Healing? 

Natural Healing methods are based on making use of products and services that are good for you even if you’re well.

Drugs properly prescribed and unabused kill as many as 128,000 people per year according to different studies. Drugs are dangerous.

“Estimates dating back nearly two decades put the number at 100,000 or more deaths annually, which includes a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1998 that projected 106,000 deaths.

A more recent analysis estimates 128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed…”

We wouldn’t give drugs to healthy people; because these legal drugs might create crazy side effects or even kill them.

We take and would give what we call Natural Solutions to healthy people; because they help keep us healthy. 

So that’s what we mean by Natural Healing… It’s a product, technology, or service that is good for healthy people… And helps sick people as well. 

You’re welcome to embrace our definition… 

Introducing Capsol-t® Green Tea

Natural Healing Anti-Inflammatory

The Health Benefit Tipping Point Starts at 4 to 5 Cups of Green Tea Per Day -Capsol-t®: 1 Capsule Equals 16 Cups of Green Tea…

Capsol-t® Green Tea was created as a faster and easier delivery system for anti-inflammatory and other historically documented benefits of Green Tea & Capsicum (from chili peppers.)

Green tea – The green tea in Capsol-t® is decaffeinated. You can enjoy your sleep and dreams.

Chili Peppers – Chili Peppers can be hot or cool.Capsol-t® uses the Not hot kind. It’s cool.

Capsol-t® Green Tea Capsules deliver 2 healthy products in 1 convenient capsule without high levels of caffeine and heat. (I open the capsule and add to a cup of tea.)

Capsol-t® combines the health benefits of Green Tea with the health benefits of Capsicum to create a convenient way to get the benefits of drinking 16 to 96 cups of green tea per day.

Each capsule is the equivalent of 16 cups of tea. Each capsule includes a bit of cool – Not Hot – chili pepper extract; because chili pepper has a synergistic effect with select forms of green tea to multiply your health benefits…

The recommended amount of Capsol-t® Green Tea for serious system support, when faced with “The House Is On Fire!” situations, is 6 capsules per day, one capsule every four hours until the fire is put out. 

Capsol-t® Green Tea; Because it’s easier to stay healthy than get it back…

We want to do something when we can before a problem becomes really big… This site is about maximizing the benefits of our choices to stay healthy and do more healthy things when we need to help our health. 

The published research on this potent and patented combination reveals that Capsol-t® Green Tea does a better job of delivering these 2 substances than the hard and expensive way of making and drinking 96 cups of green tea per day with the correct type and quantity of capsicum.

Plus what if you’re not selecting the right teas, harvested at the right time, prepared in the correct way? 


12 Single Serving Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder Packets (12 single serving packets) cost $16.49 through Amazon plus tax, and s&h. You can check your local stores. 

96 cups of Matcha Green Tea Powder per day would cost about $131.92 per day ($3,957.60 per month). 

I’m sure you can find cheaper; but, you won’t have over $100 Million worth of research and Capsol-t®’s lab testing supporting you. And that’s before figuring how much time it would take to make and drink that much tea. That’s 16 cups every 4 hours. 

I know Matcha Green Tea Powder is a great product; But buying, making, and drinking a cup at a time would be a very expensive and time-consuming way to support your immune system for health benefits. And that’s a lot of tea to drink even if you love tea.

We have a better option for you… Capsol-t® Green Tea!

Does the quality of our green tea capsules and drinks make a difference?

Yes, it does.

Capsol-t® Green Tea gets maximum benefit from the careful selection of tea, the time at which each green tea is harvested, with certified testing before the tea can be used, and this creates a magnificent powder that gets mixed with just the right amount of capsicum…

Select Capsol-t® Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea Powder Health Benefits Boosted 17x

Matcha Green Tea Powder – Multiply Green Tea Health Benefits 16x… Even Works With Coffee!

Works With Coffee Too

Imagine Creating Your Cup Of Coffee Masterpiece

StockSnap / Pixabay – Imagine Creating Your Own Super Health Cup Of Coffee Masterpiece

And you can always just swallow the capsule before, after, or with your coffee…

There are wonderful teas out there. But the quality, purity, the correct selection of teas, and over a $100 Million in research makes a HUGE difference between our tea and any other tea.

We offer you a much more cost-effective choice that’s easier than guessing how to do this yourself with all the time and cost.

The Capsol-t® Green Tea formula came as a byproduct from a $100,000,000+ research and development study that successfully developed the OncoBlot® blood test. 

The Capsol-t® Green Tea formula is proprietary and parts are patent protected.

The manufacturing selection requires green tea polyphenols enriched in catechins, including 50% EGCG and free of contaminants or the tea is rejected. NO GMO, inferior teas, incorrect harvesting times, or contaminants are tolerated.

Capsol-T®: Get 17x The Health Benefits Of 1 Cup of Green Tea & Capsaicin

The Measurable Health Benefit Tipping Point Starts at 10 Cups of Green Tea Per Day – Capsol-t® Green Tea… 1 Capsule Equals 16 Cups of Green Tea… 

Capsol-t® Green Tea is where science and research come together to provide a selection of tea harvested at the right time with the right strains. Then it is extracted and delivered in the right forms with proven performance.

Which do you prefer?

Do you want to drink 96 cups of tea with capsicum you’ve selected each day or take 6 capsules of the $100+ Million Dollars and 20 Years of Research Created Capsol-t® Green Tea?

We Don’t Have to Be Scholars to Know to Choose to Use What Costs A Hundred Million Dollars!

The capsules are comfortably sized for humans to swallow.

I can make 1 cup of very strong Green Tea by opening and adding a capsule of Capsol-t® Green Tea to my Macha Green Tea Powder and let it steep for 10 minutes. I drink 16 cups of tea health in 1 cup.

I’m a coffee drinker and I like a strong taste with my tea too.

Coffee drinkers… Experiment. Find a taste that’s right for you. Pretend you’re in a Starbucks where they’ve got a long list of things you can add to your coffee. Now add tea.

Coming soon…

We will be posting recipes and How To Videos of Different Capsol-T® Green Tea Recipes…

How to use green tea and coffee drinks to feel full, support your immune system, and move toward ideal weight…

How Dr. Ben Overcame Lou Gehrig’s Disease…

Dr. Ben’s latest project to help your body create superhero cells…

We live on a transformational edge, where we move from dreams of Healthy Life Extension to Age Reversal to “Forever Young”

Who wants to be old and healthy when we get a choice for young and healthy?

You can share many of the fascinating discoveries that can improve life for all of us that are available and largely unknown today…

We wish you a long, healthy, and blessed life and hope you join with us to help make our worlds safe to Create Health Freedom Tipping Points to Be Free and “Forever Young.”

Help your immune system counter Abnormal Cell Growth… Abnormal Cell Growth generally becomes a problem slowly over 10 to 20 years… Why wait for problems to develop? Support your immune system so it can do what it was created to do for you…

Control Inflammation To Protect Your Health & Healing Abilities

The Measurable Health Benefit Tipping Point Starts at 10 Cups of Green Tea Per Day – Capsol-t® Green Tea… 1 Capsule Equals 16 Cups of Green Tea… 

One Bottle of Capsol-t Supplies a 6 Month Supply of the Health Benefits of Adding 16 Daily Cups of the Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet… 

Capsol-T - Get The Health Benefits Of Green Tea & Capsaicin

Capsol-t® is Only 83¢ per capsule for the Equal of 16 Cups of Green Tea – Buy & Drink 2,880 Cups of Green Tea?  Or Get 180 Capsules for 3 Payments of $49.95

Start Feeling Better Today!

Usage Suggestions:

Take one capsule per day of Capsol-t® Green Tea for historic benefit levels. 

To reach maximum support to the healing systems you were born with, take one capsule of CAPSOL-T® Green Tea every four hours* (6 caps. a day) for the duration of any health challenge. 

Retail: 3 Payments of $49.95 for 180 (350 mg) caps. 180 capsules each equals 16 cups of green tea or 2,880 cups of health benefits and taste pleasure… That’s 83¢ per capsule that is the equivalent of 16 cups of green tea.

Capsol-t® Green Tea is not intended to replace, and should not replace, medications used to treat cancer, and other life-threatening diseases. One should never discontinue treatment or medications without a doctor’s advice. Any statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent disease.

A Natural…Better Way to Fight Abnormal Cell Growth

A natural alternative in the fight against abnormal cell growth

What is Capsol-t® Green Tea?

  • This new and amazing food-based dietary supplement has the medical community excited! It is being touted as one of the most significant tools in the fight against abnormal cell growth.
  • Daily, thousands of people around the world die of illnesses caused by abnormal cell growth. Now…with the help of some amazingly dedicated biochemists and nationally respected institutions, there is hope, in a non-toxic, natural product.
  • Laboratory trials of CAPSOL-T® show it eliminated abnormal cell growth markers in 94% of the subjects who tested positive. James Hawver, Naturopath and renowned natural health educator stated: “This research is the most amazing research I’ve seen in the last 40 years!”
  • Capsol-t® Green Tea contains a proprietary blend called TeaFense™ containing a concentrated combination of decaffeinated green tea extract, and Chilli Pepper Extract.

Green Tea Extract

  • This concentrated TeaFense™ formula provides approximately 100-times the energy of regular green tea. One capsule of Capsol-t® Green Tea has been proven in laboratory studies to be equivalent to drinking 16 cups of green tea but with absolutely no caffeine. Green tea has been linked to the following health benefits:
  • The polyphenol in green tea works to intensify fat oxidation.
  • Regulates glucose levels after eating, helping to prevent high insulin spikes and the resulting fat storage
  • Green tea is good for your heart! It positively affects blood vessel linings by improving their elasticity, therefore, making them better able to withstand changes in blood pressure. Green tea may even help protect against the formulation of clots (the primary cause of heart attacks)!
  • Green tea contains a high quantity of antioxidants which help you fight off illnesses, disease, and even the premature aging!

Chilli Pepper Extract

  • Chilli Pepper isn’t just for spicing things up! As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization statistics note a much lower cancer death rate in countries with diets high in the consumption of chili peppers, like Mexico and Thailand. It contains an impressive list of plant derived chemical compounds that are outstanding disease preventers and health promoters. Check out some of the reported benefits:
  • Chili peppers are a rich source of Vitamin C which is a potent water-soluble antioxidant and is required for collagen synthesis in the body. Collagen is the main structural protein required for maintaining the integrity of blood vessels, skin, organs, and bones.
  • Because it contains minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, and magnesium it nourishes every system of the body. Potassium, in particular, is an important contributor to a healthy heart rate and blood pressure.
  • It supports and stimulates the digestive tract, increasing the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices. This helps your body to metabolize food and eliminate toxins.
  • Helps to support and stimulate the intestinal peristaltic motion of the bowel, aiding in both assimilation and elimination.
  • There are no adverse side-effects with CAPSOL-T® use. In trials, it has been well tolerated and appears to be safe when used in conjunction with traditional medicines and protocols.

Why wait? Don’t pay $131.92 per day ($3,957.60 per month) for 96 daily high quality do it yourself green tea ceremonies… 

Save time and money to get a formulation proven to supply health benefits and provide immune support to abnormal cell growth with an all natural product…

Make 3 payments of $49.95 (83¢ per capsule) for the health benefits of 2,880 cups of green tea. Each bottle contains 180 capsules. Each capsule contains this serendipitous proprietary blend of teas and capsicum equal to 16 cups of green tea.

Control Inflammation To Protect Your Health & Healing Abilities

Get the Health Benefits of 16 Cups of Green Tea in Each Capsule, Add it to your tea. Or make your tea from the capsule…

One Bottle of Capsol-t Supplies a 6 Month Supply of the Health Benefits of Adding 16 Daily Cups of the Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet… 

Capsol-T - Get 17 Times The Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Capsol-t® Green Tea is Only 83¢ per capsule for the Equal of 16 Cups of Green Tea – How Much To Buy & Drink 2,880 Cups of Green Tea?  Or Get 180 Capsules for 3 Payments of $49.95

Our information on the ONCOblot® test is included as part of the background story about Capsol-t®. We do not sell the ONCOblot® test. 

Our purpose in offering Capsol-t® Green Tea is to multiply the health benefits of drinking green tea and provide you healthier, more convenient, and more cost-effective choices to get the benefits of green tea. You were born with a greater healing system than anyone can provide. We and you can support our natural healing abilities by selecting better choices and leaving bad ones behind.

Please read our full disclaimer. Be sure to get on our DrBenNaturals mailing list to learn Natural Healing Alternatives with Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD & special guests.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Multiply Your Matcha Green Tea Powder Or Coffee – Just Add Capsol-t to Make Your Tea or Coffee the Healthiest on the Planet!

We hope we have lived up to our promise of: “Why Our Capsol-t® Green Tea Is Better Than Any Green Tea That You Can Find!”

Capsol-T - Get The Health Benefits Of Green Tea & CapsaicinCapsol-t® Green Tea is Only 83¢ per capsule for the Equal of 16 Cups of Green Tea
How Much Would It Cost to Buy & Drink 2,880 Cups of Green Tea?
Get 180 Capsules for 3 Payments of $49.95 – Order Now!

One Bottle of Capsol-t Supplies a 6 Month Supply of the Health Benefits of Adding 16 Daily Cups of the Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet for 83¢ per capsule…